For issue / bug fixes email:
cs54inc [at] gmail [dot] com

Press related inquiries contact email:
Corey Herscu – cs54inc [at] gmail [dot] com

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Scott says:

    Ok I purchased the IAP of unlock all tracks to support I for developers like yourself; now I see the newest update that whT I paid for is FREE?

    I feel ripped off and I hope there’s some incentive for us customers who paid.

    Thank you

    • wovencharlie says:

      The IAP still removes Ads and unlocks all tracks instantly. The long tracks are all still locked unless you can get 20 laps which from what we seen could take weeks, actually it hasn’t happened yet so we don’t know how long it could take. You’ll get to enjoy being on the charts for something very few will ever get access to. We apologize if this is confusing.

      Edit Adding: There are more updates coming that you’ll still need the IAP for so your dollar will go further. Just sent you an email directly to discuss. 🙂

      – Charlie

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